Stick With A Fitness Plan


Stick With A Fitness Plan Art Danner.png

Good fitness is a goal most people have. Staying fit helps you look and feel good, and will be beneficial as you grow older. Despite these positive rewards, many people struggle to find a fitness plan that works for them, and then to stick to it. Today, I’m going to talk about the latter problem and help you stay on-track with your fitness regimen.

Same Time, Same Place

By far the best way to stay on-track is to complete your workout at the same time and place each day. This could mean a 6am jog around the neighborhood, or a post-work weightlifting session at the local gym. Regardless of what you do, try to stay as consistent as possible. Our brains love habits, so making your workout habitual will increase your chances of sticking with it.


For some, doing push-ups or running on a treadmill is too boring to do forever. If you need a more exciting option, try taking an exercise class. This could be martial arts, barre, or even yoga. Choosing your workout wisely will ensure you are mentally stimulated and will give you a better chance of success.

Fitness Partner

Working out alone can be boring at best, or even intimidating at worst. Even non-aggressive gyms can be scary for the lone person who is out-of-shape. Try to convince your spouse, a sibling, or a friend to join you on your workouts. If you can find someone who is around your same fitness level, there is a good chance both of you will enjoy going and trying out some new activities together.

Skip The Goals

Many people swear by setting goals for themselves, but sometimes, goals can be detrimental. Until you reach the goal, you will feel negatively about yourself, always hoping that you can push your way to the top. Beyond that, once you reach your goal, you may be tempted to quit working out. Rather than setting goals, try following this simple equation: habits + rewards = success. Make your exercise habitual, and reward yourself after completing it. Your brain will learn to anticipate your workout, and will feel positive before you even start.

Working out more is one of the most popular goals people set for themselves. Although this is a great thing to strive for, it doesn’t mean anything unless you follow through. Make sure you stay focused by following these steps. Soon enough, you’ll find that your workout is not only good for you, but is also a positive part of your routine.