Rediscovering Your City

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Many people wish they could travel, but it can be difficult to save enough money or take the time off to really appreciate a new destination. Some people fall into a rut and with vacation as their only out, it can seem depressing to stay in one place. Yet, there is a solution to both the money problem and the rut problem; you can rediscover your city. If this sounds intriguing, read on for some ways you can make this happen.

Explore a new neighborhood.

Many cities have different neighborhoods with distinct personalities. Even if you live in a smaller city, try venturing out to an area you previously never have. You may find restaurants, shops, landmarks, and tons of other unique places that were under your radar. Along with new areas come new people, and getting to interact with people outside of your inner circle can lead to a new perspective.

Eat unfamiliar cuisine.

Everyone has a style of food they are familiar with, usually from eating it all throughout childhood. As we get older, experimenting with new dinners might sound like too much work after an already exhausting day. Luckily, most cities have a wide variety of restaurants with varied cuisine. Try searching online for places that serve unique food and make a reservation to try it out. You will be surprised at the love that goes into local eateries.

Browse local shops.

Stores like Walmart and Target may be all over the country, but small shops are still surviving. Every city has a thrift store or vintage and antiques dealer, so why not venture there one day? Supporting local businesses invigorates the economy and helps someone live their dream. Let’s face it: nobody wants to work at Walmart, but someone wanted to start that store down the street, and your business could save theirs.

Visit the farmer’s market.

Eating locally-sourced produce is great for the economy, the Earth, and your wallet, so become a frequent face around your farmer’s market. Depending on where you live, the farmer’s market may not be around all year, but take advantage of it when possible. You may make friends with the people running the stands, who often learn to recognize familiar faces.

Attend a festival.

What better way to rediscover your city than by attending a festival? All year you can find various cultural events taking place, and it is a fun way to learn about your city’s history. Even food festivals can tell you a lot about the people who live there. Try looking up a calendar for events and setting aside time to go to as many as possible.

While most of us would like to travel all around the world, it is not feasible for many of us. If you want the same thrill of travel without having to pay for flights or accommodations, try taking these tips and rediscovering your city.

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The Dangers Of Sports

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Anyone who loves sports knows that the games aren’t always safe. As much as I would love to tout only the benefits of sports, there are also many risks associated with sports. Today, we’ll take a look at some common sport-related injuries, their treatment and long-term effects, and ways you can protect yourself or your child while playing.


A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by an object hitting the head with force. One concussion may be easy to recover from, but many athletes feel pressured to return to their team before they are physically able. In fact, this is a recurring trend among athletes with any injury. However, concussions are perhaps one of the worst injuries to have, because of the long-term consequences. If an athlete continues to get concussions, they may suffer from impaired motor skills, memory problems, and depression, amongst other symptoms.

If you or someone you know plays sports (particularly, but not exclusively, contact sports), make sure they are educated about the effects of a concussion first. Encourage them to come forward and seek medical help if they believe they have a concussion. Help them adapt to their new lifestyle. And finally, before anyone even gets a concussion, make sure they have proper head protection or at least stay mindful about what is happening around them.

ACL Tear

The ACL is one of the major muscles supporting the knee and leg, so any athlete who tears this muscle will know fairly quickly. Athletes who often pivot incorrectly are at a higher risk of tearing their ACL. Once the ACL is torn, it will become increasingly difficult to walk normally and turn corners. It is crucial that anyone with a torn ACL see a doctor to determine the severity of the tear.

For people with small tears and strains, bed rest and ice are the treatment. A severe tear, however, may require ACL repairment surgery. It also increases the risk for arthritis, although surgery may offset some of the risk. Furthermore, many cases also require extensive physical therapy for several weeks. To avoid tearing the ACL, athletes should stay present and aware at all times. It can also be helpful to practice correct turns to promote muscle memory. Unfortunately, not much else can be done to prevent a torn ACL, as it is an internal injury.

Tennis Elbow

Any athlete who has to grip an object to play is at risk for tennis elbow. In fact, this injury can happen to anyone who has to grip objects frequently. The repetitive action was once said to inflame muscles in the arm, but doctors are now discovering that may not be the case. However, it is known that tennis elbow causes high levels of pain while performing any kind of motion with the arm, wrist, or hand. This, of course, makes it impossible to play sports, as well as perform many other menial tasks.

Once someone has tennis elbow, they are typically told not to use their arm and possibly to ice it. Physiotherapy is common as well, and very severe cases may include surgery. To avoid this injury, doctors suggest strengthening the forearms. People with weaker forearms are more likely to become injured in this way, as their muscles can’t handle the motion. The only other way to prevent it is to avoid repetitive gripping and twisting motions with the arms. It is important to ensure that anyone experiencing these symptoms consult a doctor and take a break from the activity that caused them.

Sports are fun and a great way to stay in shape. However, there is a scary side to sports that comes in the form of the many injuries they produce. Particularly for children or people past their prime, it is important to stay cognizant of your surroundings and the risks you are taking by playing this sport. If you take enough precautions, you will increase your chance of staying safe.

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Make Time Fly On Long Flights

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Long flights are notoriously boring, stuffy, and full of inconsiderate people. Unfortunately, if you are in a situation like this, there is not much you can do to get out of it. However, one way to overcome a long flight is to make sure time flies by. If you need ideas for things to do on a long flight, here are some of my favorites that make me forget I’m on that cramped plane.

Read a Good Book

All of us have that one book we’ve been meaning to read, but we just can’t seem to find the time. Long flights are the best time for that. I strongly suggest picking a book you know will keep you entertained and not a book you feel so-so about. If you’ve tried to read it several times and gave up because it’s boring, this is not the right book for you. Instead, try picking up a book at the airport before departure. You’ll be much happier on your flight after making that one purchase.

Download a Playlist

Whether you buy and download songs the old-fashioned way or listen to them using Spotify, I suggest downloading at least one playlist for your flight. This tip is definitely not one that will make your entire flight pass by, but I find playlists particularly effective during and shortly after takeoff, as well as right before and during landing. Even shaving half an hour off of both ends of your flight will make a big difference.

Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts are a great mixture of a book and a playlist. You have all of the thought-provoking aspects of a good book, but you can easily drown out your snoring seat neighbor. Better yet, there are tons of genres of podcast, so you are sure to find one you like. Just as a book, I would still suggest picking something you know you’ll like, or make sure to download several different ones.

Binge a Show

Just like books, shows you mean to watch often get pushed further down your list over time. A long flight is the best time to binge a show. You have nowhere to be, nobody to talk to, and your biggest interruption will be the flight attendant asking you what you would like to drink. If travel is making you stressed, though, you could opt for your favorite comedy show. Netflix has the option to download a wide variety of shows and movies to your device, which means you’ll never be bored on a long flight again. Just remember to download a few days before you take off, or you’ll become desperate to buy that overpriced airplane wifi.

When taking a long-haul flight, you might be tempted to try to get a lot done. Many people suggest taking work to do on the plane. However, unless you’re heading to a huge conference you need to prep for, I suggest you sit back and enjoy the flight. Nothing is better than a flight you barely notice right before an unforgettable vacation.

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