Which Spring Sport Should You Join?

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The NCAA sports program includes many spring sports that can help college athletes achieve their athletic goals. Many of these sports help reinforce the values of teamwork and healthy competitiveness and are often effective in shaping students’ academic futures. The following spring sports are among the best for student-athletes.

Baseball and Softball

Students can choose to join college baseball and softball teams and partake in games throughout the season. Even though baseball and softball are very similar, they have some differences such as the size of the ball, the distance between bases and the types of bats that are used. Either game is great for sharpening the mind and improving fine motor skills.


Rowing provides a great way to improve cardiovascular and muscular strength while spending time in the fresh outdoor air. Students can choose to join rowing teams with as many as eight rowers or compete as individual athletes. Practices are often held in the early morning before classes, which gives student-athletes the chance to fit in some exercise and clear their minds before learning.


Tennis is a game that emphasizes the importance of concentration, strategy and quick movements as opponents face off against each other. This game sharpens balance and coordination and often requires a great amount of endurance when playing in long games. Men’s and women’s singles and standard doubles tournaments are separated by gender, but men and women can sometimes play together by forming mixed doubles teams.


One of the best aspects of golf is that it doesn’t require as much physical strength or endurance as other sports but still provides a great workout. Golfers use their core, upper back and arm muscles during their swings, so it’s still important to exercise these muscle groups. The object of the game is to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible.

Track and Field

Track and field consists of several sports that challenge students athletically in different ways. From the fast-twitch muscles needed for sprinting to the strong cardiovascular fitness that’s required for long-distance running, student-athletes can use their specific strengths by competing in specific disciplines. Track and field specialists can compete in many different NCAA championships and perhaps try out for the Olympics one day.

Spring sports offer students many opportunities to partake in athletic activities that provide both physical and academic benefits.

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Author: Art Danner

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